Supporting our Community

Why are you non-profit?

One of the many decisions individuals and families face when they need long-term care is choosing a facility. For many years we have seen that Forprofit and chain-operated nursing facilities have consistently tended to devote fewer resources to direct patient care, resulting in poorer quality of care for residents. At Eastern Star Homes we feel that that is absolutely unacceptable. We believe that to best serve our community we must function as a nonprofit facility which affords us the benefit of investing any profit our facility makes after all expenses are paid, right back into our residents and back into our facility, much like a traditional family home.

How do you benefit the community or better serve your residents as a non-profit org?

A review and meta-analysis of nursing homes comparing the quality of care in for-profit and not-for-profit nursing facilities reported that nearly all the studies found higher quality, higher staffing, and fewer pressure sores in not-for-profit facilities.  Not-for-profit facilities had better outcomes on many key measures of quality including:

  • More or higher quality staffing per resident.
  • Lower prevalence of inactivity health issues like pressure ulcers
  • Lower prevalence of psychological prescriptions
  • More & better nursing supplies
  • Regular engagement in stimulating activities for residents.
  • Better quality of food and product supplies, leading to better resident care.
  • Ranked Higher on CMS’s Five-Star System

Why Choose A Non-Profit Nursing Home Or Elder Care Facility?

A key factor that should be considered when selecting a care facility for your loved one is whether to choose a for-profit corporate facility or a locally owned and managed non-profit facility.

On average, nonprofit facilities have a lower number of deficiencies on record than for-profit nursing homes and we at Eastern Star Home pride ourselves on our care and attention to detail as well as efficiency and respect for your investment in our services.

How to support Eastern Star Home

No gift is ever taken for granted. When we receive a gift, no matter the size, on behalf of our community we exercise responsibility to steward the funds in the most prudent way to benefit our residents, the community and provide our service exactly as the donor intended. We graciously give thanks to all of our donors with respect, giving due recognition and timely reports.

Make Donation

Volunteer with Eastern Star Home

Looking for a great new friendship? Want to make a difference in someone’s life? When you volunteer in a nursing home you’re almost guaranteed to make some exciting discoveries and most definitely a few new friends. They may not be your usual crowd, but at one time — believe it or not — they were your age, and every one of our residents has led an exciting life they just might be willing to share a few stories about with you.

Need to build your résumé? Although your position won’t be paid, that doesn’t mean you can’t list your experiences with us as well as acquire some excellent references not only from our staff but from our residents and their families. Plus we have fun, from trips to shows to gardening and more. We are shakers and movers, come have some fun with us.

In poll of 1,000 American families, 8 percent reported having a family member in a nursing home and in that represented almost 1.5 million people. On average, of this 1.5m, fewer than 50 percent have regular visitors. Just dropping in to say hi can mean the world to someone, and maybe to you too.

Become a Volunteer
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