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What does it mean to volunteer for Eastern Star Home?

Looking for a great new friendship? Want to make a difference in someone’s life? When you volunteer in a nursing home you’re almost guaranteed to make some exciting discoveries and most definitely a few new friends. They may not be your usual crowd, but at one time — believe it or not — they were your age, and every one of our residents has led an exciting life they just might be willing to share a few stories about with you.

Need to build your résumé? Although your position won’t be paid, that doesn’t mean you can’t list your experiences with us as well as acquire some excellent references not only from our staff but from our residents and their families. Plus we have fun, from trips to shows to gardening and more. We are shakers and movers, come have some fun with us.

In poll of 1,000 American families, 8 percent reported having a family member in a nursing home and in that represented almost 1.5 million people. On average, of this 1.5m, fewer than 50 percent have regular visitors. Just dropping in to say “hi” can mean the world to someone, and maybe to you too.

Become A Volunteer

    Volunteer With Eastern Star Home

    Volunteer opportunities are as diverse and as creative as you can imagine. When you join us to make someone’s life just a little bit better you may find that you are experiencing some of those benefits too! So what can be done in a Nursing home to help? Here are just a few suggestions from our current and former volunteer team but it is not limited to these opportunities. Contact us if you have a great idea you would like to share with us!

    1. We decorated our doors with photos, cards and mementos and fun images. Help a resident create a clever way to add some zest to a dull doorway.
    2. Lunchtime friends, come by for great conversation in our dining hall.
    3. Gardening, help us keep up with our tomato garden.
    4. Playing cards is a great mental activity for you and for us and we are always looking for volunteers who are good card players.
    5. Daily activities actors, Drop by and play the part of the mailman and deliver a few smiles.
    6. Work as a local historian. Ever wanted to know what it was like 30, 40, 50, 60 years ago or more?  Our residents would be more than happy to help you write about it.
    7. Join us for game night, but bring your A-game, we have more than a few pros happy to teach you a thing or two.
    8. Do you have a skill? We might be able to use you around here. Fix a lamp, set up an event, treat a resident to a little fresh nail polish.
    9. Can you steer a wheelchair? Responsible “drivers” are welcome to join residents on a stroll around our home and park-like grounds for a little change of scenery.
    10. If you enjoy tidying up, you can make beds and help keep residents’ rooms and common areas clean.

    Four legged Volunteers are Welcome

    Some areas of our nursing home welcome pet volunteers! Pet therapy is one more way residents can socialize and make new friends. Not big into a big conversation or small talk? Some of our residents feel the same way too, but the fasted thing to make them smile is a little visit with an affectionate pet. Cats and dogs and some other types of safe friendly pets are all welcome, as long as they are calm and gentle and pass our simple “fit” test. Please be aware that not all pets are a perfect “fit” regardless of temperament due to certain safety needs of our residents and regulations set by the state and our national charter.

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